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Candle Care

Here's LJC Candle Co's top tips to get the most from your candles and melts.
  • We recommend all candles are burnt for a maximum of 4 hours at any one time.
  • Candles must be burnt on a heat resistant surface. i.e. stone bench or on a candle coaster.
  • Never leave a burning candle unattended. Extinguish all candles when you leave a room and before going to sleep.
  • Keep lit candles away from ceiling fans and any air currents. Any form of air current can cause uneven burning, smoking, diminish the scent throw and even decrease the burn time.
  • Do not burn the candle if the container is cracked, chipped, scratched or damaged in any way.

 Create a wax memory

  • The first burn of the candle should last as long as it takes to reach all the way to the edges of the container. This will give you maximum fragrance, an even burn and ensure you get the maximum burn time from your candle.
Trim the wick
  • Your wick should be about 5mm before you re-light your candle. This will ensure a long lasting candle, minimise soot and remove any mushrooming of the wick left from the previous burn. But be sure not to over trim your wick as you may not be able to re-light your candle.
  • If you do not trim the wick regularly or your candle is left to burn too long, you may get a mushroom of carbon on the end of the wick. This may cause some soot to collect on the inside of the container. If this happens, extinguish your candle, wait for it to cool, wipe off the carbon marks with a clean damp cloth and re-light.
  • If your flame is too big, trim your wick.
How do I put my candle out
  • Always blow your candle out. Do not put the candle out by placing the lid on the jar. 
Candle storage
  • Candles are sensitive to temperature and light. Avoid candles from fading, cracking and melting by storing your candles in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight, dust and fluorescent light. Store your candles in an upright position and don’t leave your candles in your car on a warm day.
  • Please remember our candles are hand poured, not massed produced. Although all effort is made to ensure consistency, every candle will be different.
  • Candles with vanilla scents may discolour slightly. This is normal and does not affect the scent.
  • When using completely natural soy wax, sometimes you may notice darker patches or wet spots in your container candles. This is not a fault.This does not effect the candle in any way.
  • The top of your candle may also appear slightly uneven, this is also a sign of natural soy wax being hand poured.
  • Do not leave your candle in direct sunlight as it may turn a nasty yellow colour. It will not affect the candle in any way, it just loses its creamy white colour.
It's time for a new candle
  • All container candles should be discarded when there is 10mm wax remaining.
  • Failure to discard at this point could cause the glass to crack or even explode from the heat.
Soy Wax Melts are used in an oil burner instead of oil and water to release wonderful fragrances in your home or work place. Melts are solid wax and do not have a wick, and the best quality melts are made primarily of soy wax (rather than petrol based paraffin wax). Melts can be used as they are without melting them as natural air fresheners - place one on a small piece of baking paper or aluminium foil in a clothes cupboard, clothes drawer, bathroom. A few things to note:
  • Place your oil burner in a safe location away from drafts and anything flammable and also well out of the reach of children or pets.
  • Place one of the soy wax melts in the top of a dry oil burner - do not add water (reseal the pack to retain the fragrance of the remaining melts).
  • Light a tea light candle in the base of the oil burner and allow the wax to melt - when melted a delightful aroma will be released into the room.
  • After extinguishing the flame the soy wax melt will cool and it will solidify again, you can either re-use the melt or simply remove the wax and start fresh with a new soy wax melt.